What is Geekdom?

Geekdom is a new kind of collaborative coworking space where Entrepreneurs, Technologists, Developers, Makers & Creatives help each other build businesses & other cool things together.

Home to over 200 Startups!

Geekdom is the largest coworking space in Texas, with 45,000 Sq Ft of Geeks and Entrepreneurs.

No contracts.

No deposits.

No landlords.

Just smart people changing the world.

  • 45,000 Sq. Ft.
  • No Long-Term Leases
  • Dedicated Desks & Offices
  • Free Wi-Fi (of course)
  • Month-to-Month Membership

Community Membership


Shared Community Space

Desk in Community Areas

24-7 Access

*$25 for Rackspace Employees

Dedicated Tech Startup Desk


Dedicated Personal Desk

Office Space

24-7 Access

Mailing Address & Parking

The Members

Some of the 600+ members that call Geekdom home. See More.

Danny Dena


I am going to change MY world by asking her to marry me.

Great view, endless potential for networking, and there's a keg in the kitchen!!

Miguel Gonzales


I want to create festival & event decor with less chemical impact on the environment.

What isn't awesome about Geekdom?

Chris Welch


I want to make the world prettier to look at, easier to use, and have fun doing it.

James Brakefield


Take FPGAs where no FPGA has gone before (e.g. explore the design space).

Great way to start out as an entrepreneur.

Brantley Hightower


I am an architect who believes that good design should be accessible to everyone.

It is inspiring to spend time in a place that is so buzzing with creative energy.

Kim Murray McDonald


By using my art to speak my truth and of universal truths - we are all connected.

Because at its core, it's about building community.

James Pyle


My life purpose is to smash self limiting beliefs.

It's like a social network that is more about people and less about other stuff.

Vilmar Morgan


To help people start something meaningful in their lives.

I'm inspired by Geekdom's collaborative spirit.

Oscar Tovar


less complaining, deeper thinking, more doing

Geekdom transforms geeks into super-cool geeks

Zac Harris


I want to convince people to prepare for success rather than to fear failure.

Place where startups are born and all have the opportunity to change the world.

Ayon Wen-Waldron


Create experiences that inspire the body, mind and soul.

Geekdom is an empowering community of "can doers" who help each other succeed.

Daniel Gonzales


Create innovative and disruptive technologies that revolutionize common tasks.

I love that Geekdom has so many motivated and like minded people.

Let's get together and hang out.

We're a pretty lively bunch over here, there's always something cool going on.

Looking for a great place to host your event?

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